Fully assembled generator

The device consists of several key elements. Its parameters satisfy all the requirements.

Parameter Value
Electric power 2.766 kW
Weight 298.1 kg
Volume 0.921 m3
Output frequency 1.0081 GHz
Output amplitude 0.7908 V
Relative instability of the output signal 8.9×10-15(@ 1s)
9.4×10-16(@ 100s)
4.9×10-16(@ 1000s)

Femtosecond optical frequency synthetiser

Femtosecond optical frequency synthetiser ensures short-time stability of a signal and transfers stability of the optical signal in RF range.

Relative frequency instability of local oscillator Relative instability of frequency transfer from optical to RF range

Optical vaccuum spectroscope

Optical vaccuum spectroscope captures ytterbium ion for its further spectroscopy.

Laser systems

Laser systems prepare ion's initial quantum state and probe ion's clock transition.